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Sustainable Planet Talk show
Edutainment from Sustainability Guru Pamela Peeters

MSNBC – Marisa Belger

"When it comes to integrating eco-awareness into everyday life, Peeters follows a philosophy that's accessible to everyone from the hardcore planet protector to the person who has recently begun thinking about the environment"

Godfrey Reggio, director for Philip Glass's & Francis Coppola's Koyaanisqatsi

"Pamela has conceived of that rarest of things in life: an original idea"

Federal Council for Sustainable Development, Belgium - Jan De Smedt

"Miss Peeters combines the best of two worlds: her European background of high education and sustainable development insights with an American spirit of innovative entrepreneurship and a daring mentality."

Announcing "Sustainability Week" from May 12 to May the 17th 2014

A catalyst towards the establishment of a dialogue beyond the traditional climate change debate

Mission generating a conscious consumerism and a more nurturing relationship with our planet

Sustainability Week

Leaflet Program



Sustainable Planet Ambassadors

If you would like to receive a "Sustainability Week" NYC pass , send us an email, your name and affiliation, and you will be able to attend our events in exchange for a commitment to take our sustainable planet ambassador training.

Sustainable Steward Awards Ceremony

The Sustainable Stewards are considered visionary agents of change who promote and drive sustainable development in different areas of society either through a product, a project or a service.

Documentary film maker Susan Rockefeller will receive the Sustainable Steward Award during the Sustainable Steward Gala,

Where:Tesla Motors ,511 W 25th St
When: Thursday May 15
Time: 6:30- 8:30pm

Contact Us to obtain to obtain tickets at $100
Limited space available

Susan is a longstanding creative conservationist who uses the power of documentary filmmaking, photography, jewelry design and storytelling to inspire awareness and action for the causes she champions. She is a board member and chairs the Ocean Council for Oceana, is on the board of We Are Family Foundation, is a member of the global Leadership Council for Natural Resources Defense Council and serves on the program committee for the Stone Barns Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Past laureates of the Sustainable Steward Award were Dr Jamie Lerner - urban planner and former Mayor of Curitiba for the sustainable transformation of his city more than 20 years ago; HRH Princess Basma bint Ali from Jordan for spearheading a Botanical Garden in her nation, Gaelin Rosenwaks - Ocean explorer who researches the effects of climate change on marine life and Explorer's Club fellow, just to name a few.