Sustainability Week

“Sustainability Week” is an initiative that motivates people to play a role in the development of a sustainable planet. It offers participants various opportunities to discover sustainable lifestyle solutions and make them think about their impact on the planet. The first edition took place in 2014 in Manhattan and was brought to Belgium a year later.

Marc Calcoen (Consul General)
I commend Ms. Pamela Peeters for conceiving and organizing the first “Sustainability Week NYC”. I hope that New Yorkers will get informed about the environmental challenges and inspired to get into action to move our planet along in a sustainable way. CONSULATE GENERAL OF BELGIUM IN NEW YORK 

Some pictures of the 2018 Sustainability Week NYC

Agenda for the 2018 Sustainability Week NYC

Agenda for the 2018 Sustainability Week Belgium


The programmed activities act as a catalyst for generating conscious consumer patterns and a more nurturing economic relationship with our planet.

There are 2 methods:
Method 1: Sensibilization: through various events – programmed for five days – new relationships are built between consumers and productians. There are round tables, lectures, film screenings, workshops, fashion shows, seminars, visits to schools, brainstorm sessions and receptions.
Method 2: Activation: participate with the Week Challenge: Companies, schools and communities can experiment with a sustainable lifestyle for 5 days through 5 different themes. The impact of their efforts will be measured and announced.


A selection of our past American and Belgian participants: Rick Bell (director American Institute of Architects), Luc Bas (European directeur IUCN),  Pedro Ballesteros (Mayors Covenant, Europese Unie), Nicholas Eisenberger (Managing Partner Pure Energy), Amy Larkin (author Environmental Debt ), Susan Rockefeller (film maker), Sass Brown (Assistant Dean, Fashion Institute of Technology), Paul De Knop (past rector VUB), Belgian American Chamber of Commerce (Manhattan), Jill Peeters (Weather Woman VTM), Dr. Mary Leou (New York University), Glen Ramaekers (Humphrey Restaurant), Frank Fol (vegetable chef), Anne Wislez (Psychologies magazine), Aviva Dierckx (Liberale Vrouwen), Nik Van Gool (KVLV), Miepie Questier (Presidente Business and Professional Womens Club).


New York : RICOH, Tesla Motors, Belgian American Chamber of Commerce, New York University, Interface (the leading sustainable modular carpet manufacturer), Gabarron Foundation, American Institute of Architects, Children’s Museum of the Arts, Explorer’s Club, DeWitt Clinton High School, Hamilton Grange High School, …

Belgium: Belgian Senat, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Royal Museum for Environmental Sciences, Woman’s Council Brussels, Free University Brussels (VUB), Klapei Movie Theater Antwerp, Movie Theater ZED Leuven, PIAS in collaboration with, PIAS in collaboration with Humphrey restaurant, the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, …


Anne Wislez
Pamela Peeters
Frank Fol
Glen Ramaekers
Jill Peeters
Martin Nweeia
Patricia Ortega
Paul De Knop
Chris Garvin
Dr Anne Snick – FoTRRIS
Miepie Questier
Arnaud Brohe – CO2 Logic Inc (NYC)
Alexander Suma
Antoine Geerinckx Founder of CO2logic
AVIva DIerckx voorzitster liberale vrouwen
Luc Bas IUCN
Emmanuel Mossay
Caroline Petit – Director UNRIC
Nadine Gouzee – Club of Rome
Leslie Faulkner