At the age of twelve, Belgian born Pamela Peeters wanted to inspire others to take care of Planet Earth and launched the “Grab the Green” magazine. This experience taught her to blend research and media production geared to inspire and transform. She carved a path for herself internationally as an environmental economist and specialized in sustainable development. Her original research exposed her to visionaries and her first television appearance on national tv at the age of seventeen made her understand the power of media. A Research Fellowship at Columbia University gave her the opportunity to develop the outline for the first television show that would mainstream sustainable lifestyles: the OUR PLANET show started airing on Manhattan Cable tv in 2001 and gave global eco heroes a face and a spotlight. Today, the Sustainable Planet platform caters to a global community through original media and education from top experts in their field. And because we believe that a Sustainable Planet can be a reality, we invite YOU to become a planet protector as well and that is why we have designed five original challenges through which you will explore sustainable lifestyle solutions that are good for you and our planet.

MSNBC – Marisa Belger.
“When it comes to integrating eco-awareness into everyday life, Peeters follows a philosophy that’s accessible to everyone from the hardcore planet protector to the person who has recently begun thinking about the environment”. 



The “Sustainable Steward” Awards were launched in 2007 as to award visionary agents of change for their efforts to promote and drive sustainable development either through a product, a project or a service. Some of the past laureates are Dr Jamie Lerner – urban planner and former Mayor of Curitiba, HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali from Jordan for spearheading a botanical garden in her nation, Susan Rockefeller – a creative conservationist and documentary filmmaker, Gaelin Rosenwaks – ocean explorer who researches the effects of climate change on marine life and Dr Martin Nweeia for his groundbreaking Narwhal research.

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